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EcuTek Tuning

EcuTek Tuning
EcuTek Tuning for Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S / Toyota GT86 by Circuit Motorsports

Circuit Motorsports is an EcuTek Master Tuner and authorized EcuTek dealer.

Our tunes are of the highest quality with hundreds of hours of R&D and tune development behind them, and are designed to take full advantage of any aftermarket parts, maximizing their potential, providing the highest torque and horsepower gains possible while providing a safe, reliable, and smooth tune.

Our tunes will be matched to your car's individual characteristics, upgrades, and driving style. We can also customize up to 4 different maps within your tune (selectable on the fly using the cruise control stalk) to better suit your needs such as: different fuels and octane ratings, enabling of extra features per individual maps for HPDE, autocross, drag, street, competition, etc.

Tune Features:

Smooth Idle
Custom Cam Tuning/Phasing to match intake/exhaust mods, eliminating the torque dip with aftermarket headers and/or forced induction, or greatly reducing the dip with stock header
Disabled DTC/CEL (Check Engine Light) codes depending on modifications to car
Smooth, Excellent Drivability
Smooth Transitions Smooth Power Delivery
Power Mapping designed to deliver the best torque and horsepower across the entire RPM range
Optimized AFR Air fuel ratios tuned for optimal engine operation and improved MPG
Optimized Ignition Timing Ignition timing tuned for maximum torque within safe parameters
Increased torque and load limits
Improved Throttle Response
Increased REV limit
Custom Soft REV limit Huge improvement over the harsh stock rev limiter
Quiet Cold-Start Function No more waking the neighbors
Includes all factory ECU flash updates to date including corrections for direct injector seal issue and the idle dip problem

The EcuTek RaceRom feature enables us to create up to 4 switchable maps within the tune. You are able to select which of the four maps to use anytime using the cruise control stalk. We can enable any number and combination of different features per map such as the following. The possibilities are endless:

Launch Control - adjust launch RPM via the cruise control stalk - For turbo, launch with boost!
Flat foot shifting - Never let off between shifts - For turbo, keeps boost up between shifts!
Auto Blip - automatic rev-matched downshifting - Great for the heel-toe challenged!
Per gear rev limits
Multiple Map fuel octane tunes with 91,92,93,94,100, RON95, RON98, Race Fuel, Custom Fuel Mixes
E85/Pump gas multi-map tune - No need to reflash for fuel change - just switch the map with cruise control stalk!
FlexFuel - Run any mix of E85/Gas with one tune. Tune dynamically adjusts for best performance!
Custom Traction Control - Much less intrusive than factory traction control
Wideband ECU Interface - Closed-Loop Fueling with Wideband Input
Dynamic Boost Control
Low-Boost/High-Boost multi-map tune
Electronic Over-boost Protection
Electronic Over-Lean Protection
Custom Sensor Inputs/Outputs Control
Almost any possible combination

Contact us for a Tuning Consultation and we can put together a tuning package that will perfectly suit your car and your needs!

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